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>>> north korea stepped up its response to a united nations security council resolution. officials say they plan to carry out a third nuclear test. >>> trade gap. japan logs its worst ever trade deficit as exports slide. >>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." authorities in north korea say they plan to carry out what they call a nuclear test of a higher level. they add that they plan to launch more long-range rockets. officials with the country's national defense ministry issued a statement warning of all-out action to defend north korea's sovereignty. >> translator: a series of satellite and long-range rocket launchers by the dprk and a higher level nuclear test are parts of an all-out action. this is a new phase in the anti-u.s. struggle that has lasted for centuries. we do not hide that the target of these actions is the united states, the sworn enemy of the korean people. >> the country's space agency launched a rocket last month. authorities claimed it was to orbit a satellite but other countries say north koreans were testing long-range ballistic missile technology. scientists
. >>> the united states has >>> analysts at johns hopkins university posted a photo on line of the nuclear test site. they were taken between november and december. analysts believe the photos confirm their approach to a command bunker some 150 meters north of the entrance. they believe it houses equipment to control a detonator and to communicate with authorities in pyongyang. they also say that a device to measure radiation levels and a radio system have been installed. north korean authorities d thei conduct another test. the security council condemned north korea's december rocket launch. >>> north korean authorities are warning south korea of counter measures if it takes part in u.n. sanctions. >>> a north korean statement criticizes south korea for pressing other nations to adopt the u.n. resolution condemning last month's rocket launch. it says sanctions amount to a declaration of war and warns of what it calls strong physical countermeasures if the south koreans participate in them directly. authorities in pyongyang say there will be no more bilatera discussions on the issue of denuclea
units worldwide last year, up 22% from the previous year. the sales include vehicles made by daihatsu and hino motors. u.s. general motors came in second selling about 9.28 million units. germany's volkswagen ranked third selling just over 9 million units. in 2011 toyota ranked third due to the impact of the march 11th disaster in northeastern japan but its sales recovered last year, especially due to stronger demand in southeast asia and north america. government subsidies for buyers of eco friendly vehicles also pushed up sales in japan. toyota says it hopes to do even better this year. it's aiming to sell over 9.9 million units. >>> an expert panel of japan's nuclear regulation authority says a nuclear reactor at air power plant could be on active fault. the experts drafted a report on a newly found fault under the plant site. the experts draft ad report on a newly found fault under a plant site in fukushima prefecture on monday. it said it may have moved 10,000 to 130,000 years ago. the draft says the fracture's direction and other factors suggest that another fault could be direc
's ambassador to the united nations has hinted at the need for action if the north conducts a third nuclear test. he says the threat is real. ambassador kim sook says the north is preparing to carry out another test after many years of development. he suggested that the countries concerned have the resources to respond. >> we have many items in our hands, well not only the republic of korea, but japan, the united states and some items to be included once they cross the line. >> kim says north korea will use its program to arm itself with weapons of mass destruction. he calls the country's nuclear weapons an imminent threat. ambassador kim also says south korea will try to strengthen cooperation with japan. the south assumes the u.n. security council presidency in february. >>> the pakistani teenage girl shot by islamic militants will undergo another operation, this time to restore her hearing in one ear. malala yousafzai was targeted for working to promote the rights of girls to receive an education. the 15-year-old was shot in the head by the pakistani taliban as she left school. the attack lef
said he hopes to visit the united states soon for a summit with president barack obama. >> translator: through the meeting i want to show my country and also the world that the strong bond between japan . . and the u.s. has been restored. >> abe said japanese and u.s. officials are now working out the timing of his visit. >>> prime mind minister abe working on another foreign policy issue. he wants to dealing with the past. he's debating issuing a new statement that matches the 21st century. his chief cabinet secretary said the government will consult with intellectuals and consider issuing a new future-oriented statement. >>> prime minister abe's special envoy conveyed the willingness to strengthen ties with south korea. kunei pointed out the need to face bilateral issues. they met in seoul and hope the new governments can build good relations and handed park a letter from the prime minister expressing the wish. park said south korea and japan need each other in many ways and hopes to work on reconciliation and cooperation. while facing issues related to common history. >> translator
. it represents how member nations can have real power if they are united. but as china flexes its economic and military muscles, asean has so far struggled to find a cohesive response, bringing members back together ahead of the integration in 2015 will be a major test for the new secretary-general. nhk world, jakarta. >>> turning to another territorial dispute, the province of kashmir. official denounced the death of two soldiers, which the military blamed on pakistan. he added that this should not derail stronger cross border ties. >> this is completely unacceptable. but at the same time, it's very important we make sure that whatever has happened may not -- should not be escalated. >> the indian military says a deadly gunfight with pakistani forces took place on tuesday. two indian soldiers were killed, one injured. it says the remains of the dead soldiers were mutilated. pakistan denies the negotiation. they have resumed comprehensive talks, which include the delicate subject of kashmir to try to improve bilateral relationship. another gunfight killed one pakistani soldier and injured
787 on january 7th in the united states. one of the batteries caught on fire at the international airport in boston. authorities are looking into the possibility that the batteries overheated, causing them to catch on fire. the battery is located below the cockpit and is used to run the plane's electrical system. the maker, gs yuasa, can hold trice the charge of other models the same weight, but they say it could overheat if too much power flows into the battery. >> translator: to identify the cause of the incident, they need to look not just at the battery but also at the circuits and how the battery was used. >> reporter: the inspectors aim to discover what went wrong with the dreamliner's entire electrical system and determine what safety measures are needed. nhk world, tokyo. >>> police in the american state of new mexico are trying to figure out what could have driven a teenager to pick up a gun and kill. they arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection with the shooting deaths of five people including three children. authorities took the teen into custody on saturday. the victi
at a united nations tribunal. the two nations both claim sovereignty over disputed islands in waters in the south china sea. >> the philippines has been exchanging views with china to peacefully settle these disputes. to this day, a solution is still elusive. we hope that the arbital proceedings will bring the dispute to a durable solution. >> foreign second del rosario, and said that manila would seek arbitration. they have disputes over rich fishing grounds over the scarborough shoals. the philippines claim china is violating its sovereignty. they want the dispute brought before the tribunal. even so, challenge looks unlikely to go far. china's ambassador to the philippines has issued a statement saying the dispute should be resolved through bilateral dialog. authorities in beijing have refused to accept arbitration based on the u.n. convention on the law of the sea. >>> u.s. diplomats are trying to punish north korea for firing off a rocket last month they presented a draft lest solution to the u.n. security council aimed at tightening existing sanctions. the draft condemns the la
. and the hardline stance could put a strain on relations with the united states and other nations. >> netanyahu cited iran's nuclear development as the biggest post election challenge. how will he deal with that issue? >> reporter: his administration has not ruled out a preemptive strike if iran proceeds with nuclear development. after exit polls projected his victory, he stressed that israel must keep iran in check. >> translator: our biggest challenge remains from preventing iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: but if israeli leaders resort to unilateral action in iran, they risk isolation and could further destabilize the region. whatever the composition of the incoming coalition, the focus will continue to be on what prime minister netanyahu will say and do. >> islamist militants may have timed their attack on a natural gas plant in the algerian desert to coincide with an important event. took hundreds of workers hostage last wednesday. a meeting scheduled for the same day. algerian security forces surrounded the plant after the attack and fought their way in. 37 foreign natio
including the battery charger and will return the unit on wednesday to its makers, secura plane technologies in the u.s. state of arizona. japanese and american inspectors plan to visit the company this week. >>> it has been a long journey but south korea is now a member of the exclusive club of countries that claim successful space launches. they say for the first time, they have sent a satellite into orbit on a domestically built rocket. the rocket carrying the scientific satellite blasted off wednesday from a space center in the country's southwest. >> translator: our scientist and engineers successfully launched the narrow rocket today it blasted off at 4 p.m. and 540 seconds later, sent its scientific satellite into orbit. >> the device will measure ion and radiation levels in space. the success of the tensely awaited launch sent jubilation across the country. south korean space official also been trying to send their own rocket into space with russian technical cooperation for the last 11 years. their two previous attempts ended in failure. analysts say north korea is likely to react s
to help train malian forces. defense secretary leon panetta said the united states has a responsibility to go after al qaeda. he said u.s. forces plan to share intelligence they gained by using drones with their french allies. he says they'll provide mid air refueling to support french pilots. >>> nuclear power representatives from around the world have met in malaysia to discuss energy in southeast asia. the region needs a way to fuel its rapidly growing economy. about 300 government and corporate officials met in the capital and talked about the advantages and challenges of introducing nuclear power plants. malaysian and indonesian officials say power remains the main option for growing economies with high energy demands and say this is in spite of strong public opposition after the fukushima disaster. they both guarantee the safety of nuclear energy. the administration is working on transforming the energy policies. the trade minster said the country will export nuclear infrastructure after ensuring that it's safe. >> translator: japan has accumulated technology and human resources r
's ambassador to the united nations. he's known for his frank opinions. and he expressed his opinions about japanese foreign policy towards the asean region. >> i don't think japan ever saw asean as a great priority. in fact, in japan's world view, you know, america is number one and europe is number two. and asean was way low in the priorities, you know. and i think the key thing for japanese policymakers to understand today is that today europe represents the past. america represents the present. and asia, including southeast asia, represents the future. this is now the future of the world. >> reporter: southeast nations are gaining confidence thanks to their rising economic power. leaders from china frequently visits member nations of asean. three years ago, china and asean abolished most bilateral free trade agreements and tariffs. the deal created the world's largest free trade zone where the combined population of 1.9 billion people. mahbubani says the trade agreement represented a diplomatic defeat for japan. >> it's interesting that the first country to propose a free trade agreemen
minister shinzo abe will face challenges. abe will visit the united states at an early date to meet president obama so he can build a relationship of trust with him. the prime minister wants to confirm with obama that the realignment of u.s. forces in japan should steadily be carried out. japan's participation in u.s.-led negotiations for the transpacific partnership is another controversial issue. the obama administration wants japan to join the talks aimed at creating the free trade zone, but abe's government faces strong opposition from the domestic farm lobby and other groups. these and other pending bilateral questions have led some government officials to call for caution in setting the timing of abe's trip to the united states. >> emerging economic powers still struggling with poverty, emboldened citizens still demanding democracy, the threat of violence, the push for peace, the shadow of conflict. get news and insight on south and southeast asia every weekday, live from bangkok, only on nhk world "newsline." >>> a bomb has exploded near the site of a political rally in karac
the auxiliary power unit. it supplies electricity while the aircraft is parked. investigators from the ntsb are looking into the case. the 787 is boeing's newest aircraft. japan airlines began flying it on some routes late last month. japan's transport minister has ordered emergency inspections on the batteries of all 787s in their fleets. >>> the world's leading electronics makers are unveiling latest ultrahigh definition tv" las vegas. they are taking part in the largest electronics show that will kick off on tuesday. japanese companies are introducing the tvs in a bid to win market share back from south korean rivals. it has four times as many pixels as standard hdtvs. sony is rolling them out with an organic panel. and toshiba will unveil the tvs -- toshiba has revealed a plan to release tvs. it accounts for 90% of its large-screen tv sales by 2015. south korea's samsung electronics, the largest producer of lctvs has unveiled its new tv it will allow people to upgrade the function of their tvs and watch online video clips. >>> we've been starting off the new year find out about people i
the united states. she used those visits to seek international support for reform in myanmar. >>> afghanistan's president hamid karzai is meeting barack obama at the white house on friday. it will be a critical meeting to negotiate the scale of any long-term u.s. military presence in the war-torn country. ahead of those talks karzai on thursday met with leon panetta at the pentagon. the secretary of defense says the military campaign is reaching its final chapter. >> after a long and difficult task, we finally are, i believe, at the last chapter of establishing an afghanistan, a sovereign afghanistan, that can govern and secure itself for the future. >> afghanistan will, with the help that they provide be able to provide security to its people and to protect its borders. >> panetta said he and karzai made good progress but he declined to say whether they had agreed the size of the u.s. force that will remain in afghanistan. >> after a long and difficult path, we are finally, i believe, at the last chapter of establishing in afghanistan, a sovereign afghanistan that can govern and secure itsel
program is intended to give the north the upper hand in its negotiations with the united states and he predicts more to follow. >> north korea's game plan, i believe, consists of several critical elements. one element is to continue to develop their nuclear weapons capability. and they are doing that. they've had a couple of nuclear weapons tests, one of which did not work very well. one of which worked marginally successfully. i suspect they are continuing to work on that and at some point in the future we'll see additional nuclear tests from them. north korea, i believe, is determined to become a de facto nuclear weapons state and to get the world to accept that. >> revere says the u.s. should show its willingness to engage with north korea through dialogue. >> i think dialogue has an important utility in terms of dealing with north korea. it has a number of uses. it can help us explore north korean thinking, explore possible north korean flexibility, explore the reasons and reasoning behind their actions. it can help us develop a better sense of how the regime thinks and what its pr
. >>> a senior united nations official says the needs of millions of syrians are growing as their country's civil war rages on. john ging says the u.n. will ask governments at upcoming donor conference to raise $1.5 billion in aid. >>> in addition to the 519 million for the four million people we decided as in need in syria, we also have a plan to respond to the refugees which now number over 650,000 in the neighboring countries. and that plan is costing $1 billion. >> ging spoke in new york after a mission to syria. he said the u.n. will make the request for aid after the donor conference in kuwait. he says the civil war has damaged infrastructure such as water, electricity and roads. he noticed people are in desperate need for food and medical supplies. he said relief goods are not reaching people who have fled to northern syria. ging demanded syrian leaders allow u.n. officials to enter the country from turkey. >>> myanmar's leader is on a visit to south korea. they met with the first woman to be elected president of south korea, park. the two female politicians encourage to do what they can f
from the united states. he held discussions with president barack obama over future security arrangements as most international forces prepare to withdraw from afghanistan by the end of 2014. >>> pakistan says one of its soldiers has been killed in a skirmish with indian troops in cash mick, the fourth exchange of fire in the disputeded region already this year. simmering tensions threaten to derail efforts to improve cross-border ties. the pakistani military says indian troops started the firefight on tuesday night. the indian side admits there was an exchange of fire but claims pakistani troops shot first. the nuclear-armed neighbors resumed talks in 2011 to try to improve their relationship. the delicate subject of kashmir was a topic of discussion. india and pakistani troops scuffled three times just last week in kashmir with both sides reporting fatalities. indian prime minister manmohan singh on tuesday criticized pakistan. he said the relationship could no longer be considered business as usual. >>> pakistan also faces mounting trouble at home at home. a massive anti-g
her duties. officials say clinton had a half-hour telephone conversation with the united nations and arab league envoy to syria lakhdar brahimi. clinton is due to step down as secretary of state later this month. president obama nominated senator john kerry as her successor. >>> >>> now here's the weather the new leaders of japan and south korea decided it's time to mend fences. japanese prime minister abe will send an envoy to seoul on friday to meet with president-elect. japanese prime minister shinzo abe will accepted an envoy to seoul on friday to meet with president-elect park geun-hye. she stressed the need to conclude an economic partnership deal but stood firm on differences over history and territory. she's expected to discuss some of them with former japanese finance minister fukushiro nukaga. abe said two weeks ago his government would cancel an event next month to the fukushima islands. diplomats are also struggling to reconcile views on so-called comfort women. in many cases these women were coerced by japanese soldiers to serve in brothels during world war ii. park
of japan's recovery. we are united in our determination to take aggressive steps beginning from this day. >> and we can tell you a little bit about that supplementary budget. the government is including emergency economic measures worth more than $110 billion. these measures are designed mainly to encourage companies to step up investment. >>> the government plans to earmark well over $20 billion for public works projects and is considering extra grants to local communities to help finance their public projects. in addition, the government plans to create a fund together with private companies. this fund will help companies make their buildings more earthquake-resistant and energy efficient. the government is thinking of providing subsidies to manufacturers to build energy efficient plants and factories. the government will help fund these measures with bond offerings totaling around $45 billion. the cabinet is expected to approve the supplementary budget in mid-january. >>> the year 2013 has kicked off with a bit of optimism for japanese business leaders. the yen is weaker and the stock
protests. the united states criticized the chinese government over the alleged censorship. foreign minister spokesperson essentially told the country to mind its own business. >> translator: let me point out views and criticisms from overseas. other countries should not interfere with china's internal affairs. >> reporter: another newspaper is getting creative in its efforts to show support for the southern-based "nanfang zhoumo." the beijing news ran text of a speech. it linked it to a brave heart that can soothe souls in the depth of winter. >>> chinese maritime authorities have decided to conduct regular patrols around a group of disputed islands. china and taiwan claim them. >>> china's state media reported on a government meeting to discuss maritime policy. state oceanic administration chief said china faces a complicated situation. he said his office will assume greater responsibility for maintaining the country's maritime interests. the participants decided to conduct regular patrols around the islands they call daiyou. china has been sending patrol boats and aircraft around the isla
in recent days may have made the situation worse. japan, the united states and other nations use strict environmental regulations to control the levels of fine par tick lat matter. the chinese government set its own standards in february of last year after a wave of criticism both at home and abroad. but public discontent continues to grow mainly in urban areas as authorities in china struggle to clear the air. >>> french fighter pilots have pounded islamist rebel positions in mali. they say they're determined to eradicate terrorism in the west african country. the rebels control northern mali and they're moving south. the french ruled the country for decades until independence in 1960. government leaders asked their french counterparts for help. pilots started carrying out air strikes on friday. they launched attacks across the middle of the country. a senior islamist leader was reported killed. the french defense minister says they will refocus their a text to the north to uproot terrorists. french president francois hollande said french troops intervened to ensure the security of res
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